How to Achieve the Same Benefits of a Guest Post by Leaving a Blog Comment

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    Key Points

    • Write comments that cover information the blogger might have missed.
    • Start a debate and draw the attention to you.
    • Reply to others' comments and start multiple conversations.


    The 3 methods I used to build some pretty decent traffic to my own blog by just leav­ing a comment are simple ideas, but will take a little extra effort on your part. But, the rewards you can get in return are huge.


by srinirao

Sometime in November I submitted a guest post to Problogger. I’m always respectful of the fact that Darren Rowse is probably one of the busiest bloggers on the web so I have no bitterness about the fact that my guest post was never published. If anything, it was the inspiration for this post to some degree.

Guest posting is something many bloggers can’t do because of how long they take. However, leaving a comment on a blog can bring in the same results as writing a guest post, and Srinivas Rao will talk about exactly how that’s possible and how you can benefit.

While a guest post on Problogger is definitely something that will get you a big boost, I would venture to say it’s not the answer to all you problems.

A few days ago I spoke to Colin Wright at Exile Lifestyle and in our discussion about blog comments he said something that really struck me:

Your comments on a blog can be just as valuable as a guest post on that blog.

The great thing about comments is that you don’t always need prior approval for them. You can write as much or as little as you want. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of that.

3 Ways to Make Your Comments as Valuable as a Guest Post

Doesn’t it sound almost unreal to just post a comment and have it bring in similar effects to that of a guest post? It’s possible, and Marko Saric has even compiled a pretty detailed report about how one comment brought him many unique visitors to his own blog.

The 3 methods I used to build some pretty decent traffic to my own blog by just leaving a comment are simple ideas, but will take a little extra effort on your part. But, the rewards you can get in return are huge.

1. Build on the Post

My first exposure to the idea that comments could be as valuable as a guest post was on a blog that doesn’t currently accept guest posts.

Everett Bogue wrote a superb summary of his first 6 months as a blogger. My comment on this post was long enough to be a guest post. What was interesting to note is that Disqus had a “like” button that other readers could click and my comment was moved to the top of the list.

Two things happened after that. I was on Everett’s radar, and since my comment was so long, I’m guessing a fair amount of people learned who I was. The key to making this work however is authenticity. I genuinely had plenty to say about his post. If you try to force this it won’t work.

2. Present an Opposing View Point

Opposing viewpoints are also an excellent way to make you comment as valuable as a guest post. While opposing viewpoints might seem a bit like you are attacking a blogger, done properly they can generate a very interesting discussion and put you on the radar of all of the readers of that particular blog.

3. Generate A Conversation Among the Commenters

Another approach you could take is to try to generate a conversation between all the people who have commented. I often wonder how many people leave a comment on a blog and never go back to look at the response from that blogger, or the other readers.

You really should look at the responses because there are several things you can gain from looking at them:

  • An opportunity to build a relationship with the owner of the blog
  • An opportunity to build a relationship with the other readers
  • Ideas/inspiration for future blog posts
  • Potential collaboration opportunities

Each of the three methods of commenting could be as valuable as writing a guest post for a particular blog. So, next time you are about to submit your one paragraph in response to a post on a well known blog, consider the notion of writing something as lengthy as a guest post as your response and put it in the comments. You might surprise yourself with the results.

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