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Branding Battle: Favicon to the Rescue

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Branding is an essential part of blogging and includes developing a recognizable product, service or blog. Most good companies not only have a product that you can recognize as a customer but also a logo or icon. For instance, if I told you to tell me what the logo for Google was you could probably […]

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2009 is Over. Where does that leave you for the New Year?

by · 51 comments

With 2009 over, bloggers have a lot to look forward to in 2010. It is important to take some time and reflect on your blogging achievements in 2009, as well as start planning your goals for the new year.

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Using your Strengths and Weaknesses to Become a Better Blogger

by · 62 comments

There are many bloggers in the blogosphere who are doing pretty well with their blogs. Then, there are those who don’t seem to be going anywhere with their blog. Chances are, the bloggers who actually have something going for them have taken a very important step in reaching that success. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses, […]

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How to Market Articles Without Leaving Your Blog

by · 67 comments

It is important to know how to market your blog. Many bloggers do not understand that some of the best marketing techniques are done from within their own blog.

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My $2000+ Return On Investment

by · 112 comments

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