When is the Best Time to Start Monetizing Your Blog?

by · 152 comments

Picking the right time to start monetizing your blog is absolutely crucial if you plan to actually profit off of these techniques. Is monetizing your blog at the very beginning the best way to go?

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The Value of Falling Behind

by · 62 comments

As people who constantly create more and more work for themselves everyday, bloggers often find themselves falling behind and even not getting all their work done. For many, this is a bad thing and can ultimately harm their blog and even work ethic. But personally, I see opportunity.

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Why Writing Blog Posts Should Not be a Top Priority (And What Should)

by · 82 comments

While I agree that posting new content frequently is crucial, I think it holds a lot of bloggers back from doing other great things.

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The Crucial Need for Power & Voice Through Taglines

by · 75 comments

Taglines have been around ever since we were creating something for others to view or buy with competition present.

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Going Viral: Stop-Motion, Hip-Hop, and Alex Fraiser’s Disembodied Head

by · 80 comments

In order to make your voice heard above the crowd, your content is going to have to be LOUD. Start screaming by creating exhilarating and original content that people can’t wait to share with their friends.

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