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How To Start A Blog: Blog Platform

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Starting your blog is exciting and a lot of fun.  Most people have read a friend’s blog or maybe a business blog while online.  Then eventually the thought comes… “I think I want to start a blog“.  After a few weeks or months you eventually get around to starting it and then you think to […]

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11 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Marketing

by · 28 comments

With over 250,000,000 million active users and counting, Facebook has become the largest social network on the web. Of course size is great, but what does it have to do with efficient marketing? Facebook is an outstanding place to build rock solid, bulletproof, lifelong relationships. I am yet to encounter a community where people are […]

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How A Blog Can Kick Start Your Freelance Business

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Freelancing has become the dream job anywhere. With the economy still stinking and good jobs become harder to find, many have turned over to freelancing to keep their income streams flowing. But just because you can declare yourself as a freelancer doesn’t mean it will work out for you. You have to be able to […]

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Membership Sites: Can You Make Money from Them?

by · 29 comments

Recently I wrote 30 Real Ways to Make Money Blogging, and lots of people have expressed their enthusiasm in the variety of ways to make money doing something they love.  One of the best ways to make a long-term income online is with membership sites.  They offer a wonderful service to the customer and a way […]

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30 Real Ways to Make Money Blogging

by · 185 comments

A comprehensive list of 30 proven money-making tactics.

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