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Time to Switch to Dofollow Comments

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As a followup to a past post on Blogussion about the Google Algorithm change, “Jeet” from GetLinksPro has explained the impact of the change in his own words. I have always advised bloggers to switch to dofollow comments and moderate the comments with a tight fist. This not only rewards the contributors it also brings […]

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6 Beginner SMO Tips for Social Media Marketers

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Social Media Optimization (or SMO) has been an area that I have been looking to explore for quite some time now. We’ve discussed about Twitter recently; both the negative side of Twitter and also 7 ways you can effectively market it. However, I want to shift our focus to the more conventional social media networks […]

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Google Eliminates the use of NoFollow by Changing Search Algorithms

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Earlier this week, Matt Cutts announced that the search algorithms have been changed and that the use of Rel=nofollow will have a negative impact on your websites that ever before.

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Windows Live Writer: The Next Step In Blogging

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I recently upgraded my MSN Messenger to the new Windows Live Messenger (I waited a while for them to release a more stable version, because knowing Microsoft they probably forgot half the code they were meant to include.)

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Looking Back into the Past – 20 of my Favorite Articles on Blogussion

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Let’s go back in time a little bit here. 152 posts ago, 2,528 comments back, to December 11th, 2008. All that time ago Blogussion was nothing that it is today. Today, it is a blog full of great blog content, some great features, and best of all – an amazing community of commentators, guest posters, […]

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