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WPDude – Your WordPress Technical Support Dude

by · 14 comments

Ever found yourself searching your head off, trying to solve that WordPress problem? Or trying to fix something that’s not broken – but you just want to make it better? Well I’ve found myself in that situation; too many times to count but never had a reliable resource when it comes to some of these […]

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30 Methods For Killing Your Blog Today

by · 35 comments

In the ever growing blogosphere, it can be difficult to keep your blog alive with all of the competition you face. In fact, it has never been easier to “kill” your blog with everyone striving for perfection. I think you would be surprised how easy it can be to destroy a blog, I know I […]

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We Take Another Step To Becoming More Than Just A Blog: The Launch of our DoFollow Blog Directory

by · 29 comments

When I redesigned Blogussion, it was one of my goals to create something later on to make us “more than just a blog.” Today, that goal has been partially completed as I unveil to you Blogussion’s DoFollow Blog Directory.

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Creating Interest Within Your Community With E-Book

by · 12 comments

One thing that makes an excellent resource on your community is an E-Book. They provide invaluable content, and usually revolve around one main topic and many sub-topics. Releasing an E-Book on your blog is a great way to get your readers interested in your blog if you write about the one thing that they really […]

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7 WP-Plugins No-One Wants To Tell You About!

by · 23 comments

Here at Blogussion, we encourage as many bloggers to utilize WordPress on self-hosted servers – because the possibilities are just unlimited. Most of these possibilities lay within the use of WP-Plugins.

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