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3 Factors To Consider Before Submitting To A Directory

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Many Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing professionals express their opinions and say that directories are dead. Just as strongly, we have others that oppose that. We can’t believe everything we see because quite frankly there are “experts” that say PageRank is dead, SEO is dead and some even say Social Media never was […]

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The Final – Blogger Versus

by · 61 comments

If you are familiar with the blogosphere, you will have noticed that most blogs are either run using Google’s Blogger or WordPress (as a framework). These two systems, along with a couple of other such as Joomla, Typepad etc. are the most commonly used CMS (Content Management Systems) and for some damn good reasons too. Undoubtedly […]

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Blogussion Gets a Thesis Makeover

by · 45 comments

That’s right folks, the new Blogussion theme has finally arrived. As I had mentioned before, I had no intentions to make a completely new theme, but a revised version of our older theme. I figured since we were still new, there was no need to totally update the design, but revise. Plus, I haven’t heard […]

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Guaranteed Bad Search Engine Ranking in 7 Steps

by · 32 comments

If what you do right in SEO is extremely important, know that what you do wrong is equally important when it comes to affecting your search engine ranking position. I spend most of my time teaching people what they should do to implement proper SEO, and what I realized is that there’s a lack of […]

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Preparing Yourself For Blogging: Offline & Online Strategies

by · 21 comments

Blogging really is harder than it looks, especially blogging consistently. At first, your spirits are high and you have so much to say about your niche. But, like everybody else, over time your ideas for writing blog posts, and improving your blog in general start to drain. Once your “idea production” starts to slow down, […]

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