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Monday Morning Link Love – 9th Feburary 2009

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A quick round-up of some of the best articles I’ve read within the past week. All credit goes to their credible writers and must say that each and everyone has done a great job in producing such content. There’s a bit of variety on the topics but every blogger, who takes his/her work seriously should […]

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10 WP-Plugins, that will rock your world

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How many “Top Plugin” posts have you reader as a surfer of the World Wide Web? I’m sure every blog in these niches have one or two posts that are entirely dedicated to the top plug-ins. Most of them are pretty much the same lists, with the same descriptions. If you wanted that you could […]

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How can you meet the W3C Web Standards?

by · 4 comments

Web accessibility is the practice of making sure your website content can be accessed and understood by as many visitors as possible, regardless of their physical ability or technological barriers. As a webmaster, you must ensure that your website can be viewed by both human visitors and Search Engine crawlers, and at times it can […]

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What’s the key to Keywords?

by · 9 comments

In relation to search engines, these are simple the words (or phrases) that the user is searching for. If the keywords occur in your pages you stand a good chance of turning up in the search engine results for that particular search. If they don’t, you won’t. Simple! Keywords can be used extensively to really […]

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Envy whoever you want, it won’t make you them

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I see it almost every day: people who want to be a better, more successful blogger. I know I want to be a better blogger too. But I am unlike many bloggers out there; I understand the costs and time it takes to become a better blogger. Unfortunately, people are all talk and no work […]

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