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4 Top SEO-Blogs & Their Priceless Resources Pt. 1

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Search Engine Optimization is a pretty saturated niche, with new blogs being dedicated for it almost on a daily basis. As always, every saturated (and also non-saturated) niche tend to have “top-dogs” and it’s nothing different here. No matter how ill-equipped you are – when it comes to SEO; there’s countless number of free resources […]

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Tracking Your SEO Performance

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A major factor in achieving good SEO status is tracking your progression. In this post, our favorite SEO guy, Nicolas Prudhon (author of SEO for Web 2.0) goes over some great ways to track your SEO progress and use that information to help you for the best. Is there something more than checking your search […]

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Quick Reminder: Your Basic SEO Fundamentals

by · 14 comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog is essential for success, on any scale. Many new bloggers tend to be lead into the false assumption that once your blog is up on the internet, you will automatically get visitors, also known as “hits.” Unfortunately that is never the case. If your blog is not launched […]

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Joost de Valk on Wordpres SEO

by · 5 comments

I was on Mr.ShoeMoney’s blog recently and came across this video that he posted. I think it’s a must watch for any WordPress owner. Pros and beginners alike, because it gives great insights on how you should optimize WordPress while refreshing the memories of our expert SEO’ers. Joost de Valk, aka Yoast delivers a wonderful […]

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The “Holy Trinity” of SEO

by · 9 comments

It’s so simple, just three simple methods – it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t do it! Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective methods of gaining higher SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) – yet so many developers neglect the basics and only a handful utilize it. The techniques used by web-masters and bloggers alike […]

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