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Ultimate SEO Tool List Update 12/23/08

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Following up on a thread over at DigitalPoint, a member took the time to make this list of  both ON/OFF Page SEO tools you’ll ever need. The tools vary from Optimizers to SERP Rank Checkers to the critical back link to verify those “Link Exchange Buddies” are still link to you.. I would recommend that […]

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W3Optimizer V2 – Real SEO Tool

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Being a forum activist has it’s ups & downs. No doubt, it’s the same with my experience at DigitalPoint Forums. Even thought I have to put up with many repeatedly asked questions, that can be answer by a simple search – it’s very satisfying to see a member succeed, improvise or even just provide for […]

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Official GOOGLE SEO Guide Released!

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Finally, it is here. It’s been nearly 11 years since Google launched their search engine, and finally we have an “Official Guide” to manipulate the system to work for ourselves! I was merely breezing over it, however sadly there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new information. Just the same old basic tactics […]

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What to Do When Your Blog Is Boring, Part 2

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Here are more tips on what to do if no one is reading your blog.

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20 Great Tools to Boost Your Blog’s Marketability

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These free tools and apps will help optimize your content marketing activity!

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