Personal Reflection: How Has Your Blog Changed You Offline?

by Alex

Whether you are really aware of it or not, becoming a serious blogger for a long time leaves some kind of affect on you even when you’re not actually doing it. I think it’s normal too, because when we blog we are so concentrated that it just opens our mind up to a lot of different perspectives of things.

Since you have started blogging, what do you think has changed in your life? Has it made you smarter, a better writer, a better speaker? There has to be something that has improved since you started blogging. Not to say there aren’t any negative impacts that blogging can have on you of course, but right now I want to focus on the benefits!

How Has Blogging Made You A Better ____________?

Blogging has improved me in many ways. Since I am a student in High School, it’s benefits have been my grades. But more specifically, I can come up with a list of things that I have become better at since I started blogging in 2007.

Organization Skills

Everything I do, I am more organized. I was always organized, but ever since I started planning out posts, marketing strategies and other things on my blog, I have learned to carry over those concepts to the outside world and use them to better myself.

Grammar/Writing Skills

I now exceed in my English/Grammar class at school. I can write better, more efficiently and more logically. I learn new words every time I write a blog post, and I try to try new writing styles as well which all follow me in my writings outside of my blog.

If I want something, I’ll get it

There is so much to want on a blog that you have to work hard as hell to go and get it. I have learned that through all of my blogging ventures, and I don’t let myself forget that in the real world.

Take for example my Mac computer. I had to work a month in a dish pit at a seafood restaurant to come up with enough money to buy my computer. Normally, I wouldn’t have the motivation to go through with that. But, there was something about setting my goals/priorities in blogging that helped me go through with that month of work.

Deeper Thinking

I realized that you cant always be satisfied with what some people tell you. Any advice you get, or anything you read has to be interpreted in your own way for you to truly understand and make use of it.

Think of all these “make money online” blogs out there – they tell you ways that they make money from their blog. They share with you methods they came up with that work for THEM. Does it mean that they will work for you? You have to know how to read.

Reading does not constitute as knowing how to pronounce words, but what you make of those words. That is what I am trying to say here: I learned how to really read by blogging.

What About You?

I listed a few things up there that have improved since I started blogging. What about you? How has blogging made you better at __________ in real life?

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