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    • You can't find success in what you do without first discovering your true passion.
    • If for a moment you don't enjoy writing about your topic, then you may not be doing what you love.
    • It's easy to blow off what matters (writing content) when you're less enthusiastic about what you have to write.
    • If you wouldn't be willing to stay up all night or give something up to work towards your goals, than you may need to find something that will motivate you to do so.


    There is only one thing that should drive your intentions to make your blog a success. Not to make money, not to become famous, but passion. Once you have found what you're passionate about, it will be all the motivation you need to keep moving forward.


by Mike Tennant

There you are, staring blankly at the computer screen, not really caring about the words scrolling in front of you. It’s another weekday morning and all you can think about is how to fake it through the day. Ever been there? Yeah, me too. And let me tell you, it’s no way to go through life.

Take a look at everyone you know who’s wildly successful in their life. Be it in their work, family life, hobbies, whatever – anyone who you would consider a success at something. Do they enjoy what it is they’re doing?

Chances are, Yes, they Do

The best salespeople love to sell. They spend countless hours digesting all the different tricks and tips and best practices they can. The result? It becomes easy for them to close the deal.

It looks easy to the casual observer, especially since we don’t see the time put into it. But the true investment can come in many different forms. Sure, it may be time and money spent on their appearance, their style and even their social skills, but it all combines to enhance one important thing: selling.

Most of us non-sales people would take a look at the high-powered broker and think, “Man, if I could just close one big deal like that, I’d be able to take the rest of the year off.”

You know why the best salesmen don’t? Because they enjoy what they do. They enjoy the chase, the sell and ultimately the success that comes with their honed skill.

How Does this Apply to us, Online?

Here’s how – that passion is their secret weapon. It’s the true key to their success, and it’s the weapon that you can use to become successful yourself. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it first and foremost because they enjoy it. It’s their passion. That passion is the real driving force behind their success.

Take a look at the topics you’ve covered over the last couple of weeks. How much fun did you have writing about them? How interested are you in reading them?

These questions may seem trivial or even dumb to the accomplished writer or blogger, but they’re really at the root of success. If you don’t enjoy writing about a topic, your writing will inevitably suffer.

Where Content is King, the Apathetic Blog is Quickly Ignored

Not only will your writing suffer if you don’t care about your topic, but you’ll also find it more and more difficult to get yourself to sit down and churn out content. Writers block is much more prevalent in the unenthusiastic writers.

It’s simple to understand why. If you don’t have a passion for your topic, you’ll continually find other things to do rather than write. Sure, you’ll make yourself feel better by calling them “priorities” and saying they’re much more important tasks anyway. But people always find time for their passion – always!

If you’re passionate about something, you have no problem putting in the time and energy needed to excel. And it doesn’t just apply to writing or selling.

If you absolutely love playing poker, then you have no problem staying up all night long playing hand after hand online, or reading about new and different strategies. It’s fun for you. That’s why you do it, that’s why you spend time and money getting good at it, and that’s why ultimately you can be successful at it.

Are you passionate about what you’re doing?
If you’re a blogger, are you flat-out in love with your topic? Have you stayed awake all night engulfing yourself in every aspect of it? Have you sought out new info, sources, experts – really anything and everything related to it? If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time to figure out just what exactly it is you’re passionate about.

At the end of the day, all the various writing tips and tricks are great things to have at your disposal. Marketing your blog and promoting your content via social media is a wonderful tactic. But the real weapon that you have is that passion. That’s what will drive your success, or ultimately be the reason for your failure.

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