Introduction, Issue #1

Welcome to the very first Science of Blogging Newsletter, created especially to help you tap into the psychology of blogging so you can take your online experience to the next level.

My name is Ben Lumley and I’m your resident blogging scientist. I’m a school’s speaker in the UK and am here to help you move to the next level of your blogging career.

Alex, Derek and I want this newsletter to help you tap into the mindsets and science needed to produce amazing results online.

Why are you blogging?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be motivated to run a successful blog? Or thought about how these hugely successful
bloggers keep going when things get hard and the traffic dries up?

Well the process of being motivated is actually very simple. When you analyse hugely successful people they always are massively motivated and they do it by….

having lots of reasons

That’s it.

There’s nothing more to motivation.

If you want to be a wildly successful, massively motivated blogger then either get lots of reasons or a couple of really big ones as to why you want that success.

Strong reasons pull you towards your blogging goals (which I’ll talk about in coming weeks) rather than you having to push yourself relentlessly all the time.

Spend some time thinking through your reasons for why you run your blog. Is it for fame, money, to give something to a community, an outlet for your creative mind or do you blog simply for the sheer enjoyment of it?

Whatever your reasons are, if they’re strong enough then you’ll always find you’re motivated to work hard, to produce your absolute best and to work through the tough times.

To your blogging success.