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Why does Google Keep Changing Its Algorithm?

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What does this mean for you? The SEO world is literally a war ground. You fight for the top spot on search engines and you will do whatever it takes. Companies invest millions in SEO and more tactical ways of achieving the top spot. Google wants the playing field to be fair-and-square, and so there […]

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The Power of Commenting

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By Nathan Belynah Congratulations you’ve got your blog up and running and you’re writing good content that isn’t sloppy. Now, you have a connection with your readers through Twitter and other forms of social media, yet you just aren’t getting enough traffic or want more? Commenting is a sure fire method to attract readers and […]

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Use Your Lowest Quality of Content for Improvement

by · 86 comments

Say what?! Yes. We should all want to improve our practice of blogging and make it clear to your audience that you are serious and here to play.

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Behind the Snowball Effect for Success

by · 73 comments

The infamous snowball effect should be rolling behind you to ensure success right now and in the future. In order for this snowball to be successful for you it should have a well built foundation and key people along for the ride.

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Choose and Stick with Your True Platform

by · 65 comments

The different platforms of blogging are writing, audio, and video. Do you really need to expand to these platforms? Or do you just need to up your game and market your platform better?

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