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Why Writing Blog Posts Should Not be a Top Priority (And What Should)

by · 82 comments

While I agree that posting new content frequently is crucial, I think it holds a lot of bloggers back from doing other great things.

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The Crucial Need for Power & Voice Through Taglines

by · 75 comments

Taglines have been around ever since we were creating something for others to view or buy with competition present.

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Finding Creativity & Inspiration from Nothing

by · 47 comments

Inspi ra tion and cre ativ ity can really be in short sup ply these days. The longer you blog, it seems, the less you have to blog about. Awe­some ideas appear to be com ing to you less and less. But none of this has to be the case.

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Blog Copy Editing Made Easy

by · 32 comments

Finding the best style to blog with is a tough task, and many just can’t get it down. Christ Scott from BlogTap shares some useful tips for improving your style of writing. No one likes proofreading. Especially if it’s your own work that you are proofreading. Unfortunately, most individuals who make money from blogging don’t […]

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Capturing Readers with Creative Leads

by · 31 comments

The most important factor that leads up to a post being read is how well you can hook a reader into it. Today, Chris Scott of Blog Tap teaches you how to hook a reader in just two paragraphs. What do elephants and blogs have in common? Absolutely nothing. But now that I’ve exemplified one […]

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