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5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

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One of the major problems many people face is getting traffic to a blog, and the truth in the online world is that traffic is very essential to any online business you do; it is traffic that brings about people that buy.

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Instill the Urge for Community Response

by · 46 comments

What makes your established community, committed readers, or frequent visitors leave some sort of response to your blog? It’s because of our quality content, our inviting community, or that we interact with our readers. It’s not because we simply ask for their comments or thoughts. Why not? This gets our community to respond, but it’s […]

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Want Massive Exposure? I Don’t Think You’re Ready For It

by · 24 comments

Every webmaster wants traffic. They want it in huge amounts. But little do they realize that sudden bursts of traffic are just the thing they don’t want coming to their websites.

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Blogging With a Battle Plan: My 3 Phase Marketing Plan

by · 31 comments

Today, I’d like to reveal some of the key concepts of my particular marketing campaign and where I am in that plan. I can honestly say that after 3 months I am right where I intended to be, no where near the top of my niche but slowly gaining ground.

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Do You Want to Guest Post? Listen Up

by · 59 comments

A guest post you submit to a blogger needs to be taken seriously. The more time you spend on perfecting a post, the better the chances of you getting your post published will be.

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