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The Signifigance of “Link Loving” Your Own Blog

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On Sunday, I published a post basically recapping on 20 of my favorite posts on Blogussion. The post received some decent attention, but what’s more important about it is what attention the posts I linked to received. All I did was take time to round up some older posts on Blogussion and link them in […]

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Blog Optimization Series: Search Engine Marketing (2/3)

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In the first installation of our Blog Optimization Series, I went over the basic fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. It has been some time coming but I’ve spent a good deal of time – researching on the latest on the next installment. The second addition to our series will be Search Engine Marketing. The back-door […]

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Why Google’s new favicon gets more attention than your blog

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As I’m sure you have noticed, Google has gotten a new favicon. It has gotten a lot of attention on the web, and even TechCrunch wrote a post about it. How is it that a stupid little thing such as a new favicon can spark so much discussion throughout the web? And why isn’t it […]

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