Blogging With a Passion Will Make You Successful

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When at first starting a blog, many people have “making money online” as their sole purpose or at least in the back of their mind.  I know you have heard this before, but you must blog about something you’re passionate about. People that do start of with ambitions of making it big online, usually give […]

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Having A Good Writing “Personality”

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One of the most challenging things in writing is grabbing the attention of your readers. Evan from We The Teens goes over the importance of that one “attention grabbing” sentence and how to make one by just adding a little personality in your writing. What’s a writing personality have to do with your blog? The […]

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49 Tips to Become a Better Blogger

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Recently, I contacted Yan from ThouShallBlog – a blog about blogging that both Alex and I have been closely following – and I asked him if we could guest post. To my appreciation, Mr. Yan replied within 24 hours and asked me to send over a review of the guest-post article. After reviewing and a […]

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How to Perfect Your Content by ‘Redrafts & Edits’

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Redrafting and editing work side by side and are very closely related. You need to redraft and edit in order to a turn a thoughtful, well-planned piece of content into a polished text that readers will be interested to read. There’s just too many blogs out there that have common spelling mistakes and illogical use […]

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Your Audience, Your Content, Your Success.

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Audience, Purpose and Form are closely interrelated yet many bloggers tend to overlook or neglect it. They impact on your choice of content and use of language. Writing content is such an open and vast landscape, where anyone can write anything but by being aware of the APF Guidelines you give yourself a specific boundary […]

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