How To Start A Blog: Blog Platform

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Starting your blog is exciting and a lot of fun.  Most people have read a friend’s blog or maybe a business blog while online.  Then eventually the thought comes… “I think I want to start a blog“.  After a few weeks or months you eventually get around to starting it and then you think to […]

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The Final – Blogger Versus

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If you are familiar with the blogosphere, you will have noticed that most blogs are either run using Google’s Blogger or WordPress (as a framework). These two systems, along with a couple of other such as Joomla, Typepad etc. are the most commonly used CMS (Content Management Systems) and for some damn good reasons too. Undoubtedly […]

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Choosing the right CMS for your community: 4 things you need to do

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One of the first things you do to develop your community is choose what CMS you will run it on. This can be very easy, or very hard because there are so many CMS options available to you. There are the big Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Then there are the lesser […]

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