Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog, Part 1

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Marketing a blog is pretty much like marketing any thing else. It requires time and commitment. It also requires patience and consistency, and a willingness to use a bit of elbow grease.

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How I Leaped from Pagerank 0 to 4 in 21 Days Without any Connections

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With the right knowledge and the will to succeed, you can get a lot accomplished. In 21 days, I was able to increase the Pagerank of my blog from 0 to 4. In this post, I go over 3 things I did that had an effect on the Pagerank of my blog.

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The Best User is the Biggest Winner

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Blog owners get a lot from having an active community.  For some bloggers they pay the bills from the purchases and clicks of their readers.  So of course blog owners try to build a blog with an active community they can build trust on. What might be surprising is the users who are the most […]

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