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The Power of Commenting

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By Nathan Belynah Congratulations you’ve got your blog up and running and you’re writing good content that isn’t sloppy. Now, you have a connection with your readers through Twitter and other forms of social media, yet you just aren’t getting enough traffic or want more? Commenting is a sure fire method to attract readers and […]

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How to Make Replying to Comments Easier & More Enjoyable

by · 39 comments

Getting the time to reply to your comments is tough, and often a task many people don’t want to do. However, it is very important for keeping conversation flowing.

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How to Massively Improve Reader Participation on Your Blog

by · 42 comments

A blog is supposed to be a dynamic website; a place where blog owner and readers can come together in a single community designed to offer communication and the relaying of thoughts. For the new blog, and even for some of the more established blogs, getting readers to participate in discussions and leaving comments can […]

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How to Achieve the Same Benefits of a Guest Post by Leaving a Blog Comment

by · 73 comments

The 3 methods I used to build some pretty decent traffic to my own blog by just leav­ing a comment are simple ideas, but will take a little extra effort on your part. But, the rewards you can get in return are huge.

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How to Build a Community Around Your Blog

by · 32 comments

Your blog is more than a collection of articles – it’s a community of readers, commentators, visitors, advertisers, and you, the blogger. Learning how to connect everyone who sees your blog in some way is important if you want to excel above and beyond the typical blog. When it comes to building a community, you […]

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