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Why Repeat Traffic is the Only Traffic Worth Considering

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The key to a good blog marketing strategy is drawing visitors to your site who will come back again and again. You can’t measure traffic based on quantity, but on how loyal and how much action your readers take when they visit your blog.

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How to Setup a “Favorite Posts” Section to Bring Old Posts Back to Life

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One very well received new feature of our new design here was the “Favorites” section that I setup in our sidebar. Basically, it is a part of our blog where we selected our favorite articles that were no longer in plain view for our readers and made them more easily accessible.

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Make More Money Affiliate Marketing – The Pros & Cons of Showing Full Posts

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As we discovered on Monday, the more tag is a very powerful feature in WordPress. By simply using the more tag, or not using it has a significant impact on the chance of your post being read by the readers of your blog.

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