The Importance of Promoting your Blog

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FOR every performance, there should be an audience. The same applies to blogging. Without your audience, your blog won’t survive. So what do you do in order to increase your traffic? Simple –- by promoting your blog. Your blog will only take off when you know and understand how to sell your ideas to your […]

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Obtain A Beneficial & Continual Focus with Your Competition

by · 66 comments

Fine your inner thoughts and voice; focus on and compare with their talents, skills, and perspectives.

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21 Reworks to Achieve a Better Blog in 2011

by · 74 comments

It’s 2011 and the way people are sharing items, talking with others, and getting their content is changing at a rapid pace.

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The Crucial Need for Power & Voice Through Taglines

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Taglines have been around ever since we were creating something for others to view or buy with competition present.

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Going Viral: Stop-Motion, Hip-Hop, and Alex Fraiser’s Disembodied Head

by · 80 comments

In order to make your voice heard above the crowd, your content is going to have to be LOUD. Start screaming by creating exhilarating and original content that people can’t wait to share with their friends.

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