Why Blogging Will Live

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Since the beginning of time, people have always been predicting the death of things. People predict that the Internet will make magazines obsolete, and the iPad will kill the Kindle But what’s the people’s standpoint on blogging?

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What are the best methods for marketing blog articles? – Wired Weekend

by · 26 comments

This weekend, we are debating the best tactics for marketing blog articles. There are many ways to do this, all with different (and some, similar) results. But what’s the best way?

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The Astonishing Power of Social Media & How to Use it

by · 29 comments

Anyone can use social media sites. There are no experts, it’s all about how you are able to connect and engage with your audience. Where do you stand in your community?

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Blog Copy Editing Made Easy

by · 32 comments

Finding the best style to blog with is a tough task, and many just can’t get it down. Christ Scott from BlogTap shares some useful tips for improving your style of writing. No one likes proofreading. Especially if it’s your own work that you are proofreading. Unfortunately, most individuals who make money from blogging don’t […]

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The Field of Dreams Myth

by · 34 comments

Today, Rob Stretch drops the harsh truth that many bloggers don’t realize about driving traffic to a blog. Want to write for us too? Remember the movie Field of Dreams? Here is a short summary if you have no idea what I’m talking about: Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) lives in a small house on a […]

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