Build Your Community, Stop Begging for One

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Recently I house sat a small dog named Louis (Looey) for a couple of weeks.  He was an incredibly well trained dog that never once made a mess on the floor, ruined my furniture, scratched my door, or barked all night. By the end of the week I realized that Louis was a one in […]

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Dolphin 6 – Create Your Own Social Media Network

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Social Media Networks play a significant role in how the internet functions. Every network; targeted as Reddit for Internet marketers to as open as Myspace or Facebook, and lately Twitter – they all have blasted on to the scene within the last few years and already dominate the internet. So, it’s almost a crime to […]

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Reach 4,000,000+ Web-Users using Twitter!

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The renowned Internet marketing company HubSpot, recently did a study on the Web 2.0 Social Network – Twitter. According to the study – 70 percent of the estimated four to five million people using Twitter have signed up in 2008 and 20 percent have joined in the last 60 days. Which, over this recent period, […]

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