How to choose the perfect hosting service for your blog?

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As you might have heard, we recently moved our website to HawkHost. The shift was based on the fact how unreliable our previous host was, their service was just appalling. Anyway, it made me realize how important it is to choose the right host that best suit your needs. I used to go for cheap […]

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How to host the perfect interview?

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Where ever your field of expertise may lay, once you establish a respectable profile – all eyes will be on you. This ‘statement’ cannot be any more truthful than in the world of blogging as we see big time bloggers like Darren Rowse and ShoeMoney, along with several others dominating the blogging niche. Everyone visits […]

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How to Perfect Your Content by ‘Redrafts & Edits’

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Redrafting and editing work side by side and are very closely related. You need to redraft and edit in order to a turn a thoughtful, well-planned piece of content into a polished text that readers will be interested to read. There’s just too many blogs out there that have common spelling mistakes and illogical use […]

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