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The Values of a Second Chance to Guarantee Success

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Everyday someone fails at something or in our case fails at building the right blog. What do we do then? We either stop blogging, build a new blog, or go in a different direction away from blogging.

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Stop Blogging About Blogging Already

by · 85 comments

The amount of bloggers that enter into the “blog about blogging” niche are growing every day. All of us most likely have started blog­ging from reading other blogs that talk about blogging tips or heard it from some one related to this field.

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5 Ways To Build An Epic Blogger Brand

by · 48 comments

Personal branding is an undervalued, and important thing. It’s some thing that many bloggers still neglect, and they are paying a galac tic price for it. If you belong to that group of people, please continue reading.

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3 Networks to Find & Spread Your Personal Brand

by · 42 comments

Your personal brand is important, and the more you hear what others have to say, the more you can improve and even spread your brand farther.

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