WordPress Permalinks 101

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An important part of good SEO, and general usability of your blog is the permalink structure on your blog. In WordPress, a permalink structure is often set after installing blog for the first time. But, did you choose the right structure for your blog?

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How To Fight Spam Without Affecting User Experience

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Most bloggers use strong anti spam measures to protect their blogs from spam. However, these measures can hurt user experience. In this post, I have explained how you can retain a good User Experience and still combat spam effectively.

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WP-Plugin – Where did they go from here?

by · 12 comments

Ever noticed the “Buyers who have bought this, also bought…” section under’s product pages? That was a rhetorical question because almost everyone who has visited an e-commerce site would have most likely seen one. Other websites such as eBay and Newegg have similar scripts, but if what I have read serves me right; Amazon […]

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7 WP-Plugins No-One Wants To Tell You About!

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Here at Blogussion, we encourage as many bloggers to utilize WordPress on self-hosted servers – because the possibilities are just unlimited. Most of these possibilities lay within the use of WP-Plugins.

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Firefox Makes Blogging Easier

by · 27 comments

Ali Hussain, author of shares with you 8 fantastic FireFox plugins to help better your blogging experience. Tools ranging from Editors to in-browser FTP, this article is not to miss if you’re an avid Firefox blogger. Blogging is a very tough job. You need to do a lot of research, writing and understating. It […]

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