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How to Build an Audience Around Your Blog

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The most important part of building a strong, popular blog is by connecting with your audience and getting your name out there. In this article, 5 great ways to do that are listed and broken down.

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Does Your Post Frequency Bring in the Best Results?

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The rate at which you publish blog posts is a very important factor towards building a solid readership. Believe it or not, adding a post a random day of the week and not sticking to a consistent schedule can really have an impact on the reaction it gets from your community. Just recently, we changed […]

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Debate: Posting by Obligation or Free Will? 10 Arguments

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I feel that blogging puts so much pressure on us. Blogging is like high school cliques, you have to do whatever it takes to fit in with the “in-crowd” that you do things you don’t feel like doing, or like doing. It can just get so stressful sometimes the things we have to do. How […]

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