Battle of Consistency: Don’t Pull the Plug on Your Community

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Consistency is talked about in terms of importance from day one when we start blogging. It’s important to have consistency because we want our audience to know we mean business and we’ve got to build our credibility early on. Remember and know that the consistency of your blog does not just mean frequency of publishing, […]

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Finding Creativity & Inspiration from Nothing

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Inspi ra tion and cre ativ ity can really be in short sup ply these days. The longer you blog, it seems, the less you have to blog about. Awe­some ideas appear to be com ing to you less and less. But none of this has to be the case.

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How to Maximize the Time You Spending Writing an Article

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The content you write is what defines your blog. Without content, there really is no blog. Because content is so important to the growth and brand of your blog, you have to write to the best of your ability.

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Are you taking productivity the wrong way?

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Some of us are workaholics, and like to spend hours working on our blog. Some people can do it, they can sit around for a long period of time and be alright putting in that amount of work for free. I know that when it comes to writing and designing, I will have sessions where […]

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You Are the P.I.C. of Your Blog

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Everything that happens on your blog is YOUR responsibility. It is your responsibility to take action and grow your blog into the success YOU want it to achieve. Become the P.I.C. of your blog.

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