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Going Viral: Tips on Generating Infectious Content

by · 114 comments

Creating viral content can put your blog on the map. This is a list of tips and tricks to generating content that your audience would love to share!

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The Importance of Promoting your Blog

by · 8 comments

FOR every performance, there should be an audience. The same applies to blogging. Without your audience, your blog won’t survive. So what do you do in order to increase your traffic? Simple –- by promoting your blog. Your blog will only take off when you know and understand how to sell your ideas to your […]

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Why Google’s new favicon gets more attention than your blog

by · 24 comments

As I’m sure you have noticed, Google has gotten a new favicon. It has gotten a lot of attention on the web, and even TechCrunch wrote a post about it. How is it that a stupid little thing such as a new favicon can spark so much discussion throughout the web? And why isn’t it […]

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