Search Engine Optimization

The Field of Dreams Myth

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Today, Rob Stretch drops the harsh truth that many bloggers don’t realize about driving traffic to a blog. Want to write for us too? Remember the movie Field of Dreams? Here is a short summary if you have no idea what I’m talking about: Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) lives in a small house on a […]

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Do You Utilize Tags On Your Posts?

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One of the most under-rated features of Content Management Systems (CMS) is the user-friendliness that comes standard. Many systems with the likes of WordPress and Google’s Blogger make it as simple as possible for a surfer to launch a blog and start posting pretty much anything. Like anything else in life, when we get something […]

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6 Simple Ways to Build Traffic!

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1. Quickly Get Links From Trusted Directories. What does it take to build a healthy list of back links? It could take years and years of hard work in the SEO field or it could happen with-in a week if you have some $$. Link building is a long-term process with even longer-term goals, but […]

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