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iPhone Apps for Bloggers Who Want to do More Than Just Write

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My list of 5 great iPhone apps (free and paid) to download and help you manage your blogging related activities while on the go.

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3 Networks to Find & Spread Your Personal Brand

by · 42 comments

Your personal brand is important, and the more you hear what others have to say, the more you can improve and even spread your brand farther.

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5 Common Uses for Social Networking and the effect on your target audience

by · 20 comments

Social networking sites can be great for bloggers, but it’s important to know that different social networking sites are used by different people and that demographic can have an impact on how much traffic is actually driven through your marketing efforts.

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The 3 B’s of Networking

by · 49 comments

Networking is an important part of blogging. When you network, you do so to build your brand, buzz, and make buddies (friends). Networking is extremely important to how you interact with others on and off your blog, and you need to be doing it every single day.

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11 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Marketing

by · 28 comments

With over 250,000,000 million active users and counting, Facebook has become the largest social network on the web. Of course size is great, but what does it have to do with efficient marketing? Facebook is an outstanding place to build rock solid, bulletproof, lifelong relationships. I am yet to encounter a community where people are […]

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