How to Justify Spending Money on Your Blog (In a Good Way)

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Many bloggers are so worried about making the most money possible from their blog, that they don’t really stop to think about spending money. Yes, when it comes to making money, spending it seems like the last thing you’d want to do. But, the saying “you gotta spend some to make some” is true, and […]

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8 Reasons why bbPress Beats IPB, vBulletin & phpBB

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(Janith is having some computer problems so I have to post this for him on my account) Who says you can’t run a forum alongside a blog? More and more, we see community-based forums integrated into sites that were first launched as independent blogs. Or maybe it’s just me, after running across ProBlogger’s forum dependent […]

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Choosing the right CMS for your community: 4 things you need to do

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One of the first things you do to develop your community is choose what CMS you will run it on. This can be very easy, or very hard because there are so many CMS options available to you. There are the big Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Then there are the lesser […]

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