How to choose the perfect hosting service for your blog?

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As you might have heard, we recently moved our website to HawkHost. The shift was based on the fact how unreliable our previous host was, their service was just appalling. Anyway, it made me realize how important it is to choose the right host that best suit your needs. I used to go for cheap […]

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How can you meet the W3C Web Standards?

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Web accessibility is the practice of making sure your website content can be accessed and understood by as many visitors as possible, regardless of their physical ability or technological barriers. As a webmaster, you must ensure that your website can be viewed by both human visitors and Search Engine crawlers, and at times it can […]

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The “Holy Trinity” of SEO

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It’s so simple, just three simple methods – it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t do it! Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective methods of gaining higher SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) – yet so many developers neglect the basics and only a handful utilize it. The techniques used by web-masters and bloggers alike […]

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