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Why does Google Keep Changing Its Algorithm?

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What does this mean for you? The SEO world is literally a war ground. You fight for the top spot on search engines and you will do whatever it takes. Companies invest millions in SEO and more tactical ways of achieving the top spot. Google wants the playing field to be fair-and-square, and so there […]

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Fresh Cookies: How to Keep Your Writing Relevant

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There’s nothing worse or more frustrating than losing readers or subscribers. When we check our stats, we’re hoping for an improvement, not a dip in visits. How are we going to improve the quality of our writing?

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Typewith.me for Beneficial Collaboration on Writing Content & Any Projects

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Having another mind, editing, walking through, or just foreseeing what you are doing that is explained in writing is very beneficial.

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Eliminate Distractions & Write Constant Quality Content with Ommwriter

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I’ve noticed whenever I am writing content for my blog and readers I tend to veer off. Everytime this happens the quality of my writing weakens.

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Finding Creativity & Inspiration from Nothing

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Inspi ra tion and cre ativ ity can really be in short sup ply these days. The longer you blog, it seems, the less you have to blog about. Awe­some ideas appear to be com ing to you less and less. But none of this has to be the case.

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