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Have You Found Your Voice?

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Do you write like you speak? Are your readers comfortable enough to interact with you on a regular basis? If not, here are a few tips on revealing your personality in your blog, also known as your blogger’s voice.

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Things You Can Do With A Guest Post Rather Than Reject It

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Getting a guest post submitted for review on our blog is so great. It should fill us all with pride and joy that someone would rather dedicate their time to write on our blog rather than their own.

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Thumbnail image for 5 Experimental Writing Habits you may want to try

5 Experimental Writing Habits you may want to try

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Every blogger has a different writing style. That’s what makes every blog unique from the other – a different author with a different perspective and style of writing. However, there is one thing that many bloggers share and do the same. All bloggers have their own writing habits, and some may have the same habit […]

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